Bringing people joy.

Bringing people joy is our first objective. A smile, eyebrows lifted in amazement at the moment of surprise: The reactions of our customers, our customers’ customers, of employees, suppliers, partners, that is what drives us. It’s why EDELBOX offers not off-the-rack gifts, but personalized boxes whose message is immediately understood by the recipient:

Thank you, and all the best – from the heart, with joy, and first and foremost with much appreciation!
Edelbox hero

Who would you like to delight with an EDELBOX?


Your gift boxes are individually finished inside and out, so that your logo is shown off to its best advantage.


Precious gifts from around the world combined with international occasions, holidays, and cultural compatibility.


Charity and sustainability mean much more to us than a simple trend. These values are deeply anchored in EDELBOX’s DNA.

How we see ourselves. Let’s bring joy to people together.

We see ourselves as an ethical company that’s conscious of the consequences of our decisions at all levels. We are driven by the desire to reconcile our economic interests with our responsibility to Mother Earth and her inhabitants.

We want to use our EDELBOX gifts to bring joy to the world and make new friendships, but not at the price of our planet.

It’s why charity and sustainability are deeply anchored in our corporate self-image. Precisely because EDELBOX calls the consumer industry home, we focus on an understanding of values that gives our society’s throwaway mentality the cold shoulder. We are minimalists, yes, but minimalism for us doesn’t mean going without, but a conscious approach to consumption. It’s why we focus on high-quality, long-lasting gifts made as sustainably as possible.

Edelbox Christian

Christian Sauer

Christian Sauer is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of EDELBOX. As an experienced entrepreneur, he is the face of EDELBOX to the outside world

Christian is your point of contact for all topics in the selection, design, and delivery of your personal EDELBOXes.

With his consistent commitment to the community and the conviction that success is based on open cooperation, EDELBOX’s charity concept was born. Christian is convinced that combining our diverse skills and perspectives is how we get the strongest results. It’s how strong, new ideas can emerge that convince on all levels.

Florian Rauscher

Florian Rauscher is the Chief Product Officer (CPO) of EDELBOX. He is the man behind the scenes, taking care of branding, brand identity, UI/UX, screen design, and web development.

As a staunch minimalist and design enthusiast, EDELBOX lets Florian live out his sincere motivation to help make positive change in the world. One example: EDELBOX’s minimum-waste concept is largely his design.

Edelbox Florian