Bring gratitude and joy to the world.

An EDELBOX will make eyes light up; not just for your customers, but also for people who haven’t been given a fair chance in life. For each EDELBOX sold, a donation of €1.50 goes to charitable organizations.

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What sets our charity partners apart

Personal commitment

Led by strong individuals with a great team and personal commitment.

Small & efficient

Streamlined structures ensure that donations go where they’re really needed.

Concrete actions

A pair of goats for a family, a year of school, or a beach cleanup. That is how a donation is made tangible.

Mantahari Ocean Care

We want to do something about marine pollution! With each product sold, like a cap made from recycled PET bottles, we support awareness-raising work in Indonesia.

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Zeltschule e.V.

In the Lebanese-Syrian border area, hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugee children live in poverty in makeshift tent cities, with no access to education.

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One Day e.V.

“ONE DAY e. V.” is a small, non-profit association from Aschaffenburg, Germany with a clear message: Everyone can help make the world a little bit better.

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