Your impact matters.

Several millions of tons of plastic waste end up in the world’s oceans every year, costing the lives of countless marine creatures who get caught in old fishing nets and other garbage, or inadvertently ingest plastic and die painfully as a result. Looking away and doing nothing is not an option, so let’s help as much as we can!

Charity Mantahari Ocean Care

What Mantahari Ocean Care takes a stand for

Beach cleanups

Targeted cleanup efforts to clear beaches of plastic trash.

PET Recycling

Stylish snapback caps made from plastic bottles.

Education & research

Awareness-raising and sustainable research in Indonesia.

Manta ray sponsorships

Donation-based adoptions through the Marine Megafauna Foundation.

Projects in Indonesia. Mantahari Ocean Care supports measures to reduce marine pollution.


We want to do something about marine pollution! With each product sold, like a cap made from recycled PET bottles, we support awareness-raising work in Indonesia. It is our firm conviction that the only way things can change is if the public and the local government are made aware of the consequences of the large amount of plastic waste in the sea. It’s why we use our sales to fund sustainable research and education in Indonesia and draw attention to the important issue of plastic pollution.


The core of our vision is that each individual has an impact on the big picture. Think of the good that could be done if everyone in contact with the MANTAHARI Oceancare brand consumed more consciously, resulting in less plastic waste. It may be a small step for individuals to rethink their use of single-use plastic, but one that can lead to much bigger impacts.

Fixed charity donation with each EDELBOX

For each EDELBOX sold, a clearly defined donation of 3 x €0.50 = €1.50 goes to three charitable organizations: Oneday e.V., Mantahari Ocean Care, and Zeltschule e.V.