One Day. One Vision.

“ONE DAY e. V.” is a small, non-profit association from Aschaffenburg, Germany with a clear message: Everyone can help make the world a little bit better. ONE DAY joins forces with a strong, local partner organization in West Africa to fight for humanity and hope.

Charity One Day e.V.

What One Day e.V. takes a stand for

Human rights

Individual civil liberties and rights to autonomy: universal, inalienable, and indivisible.

Help to help oneself

Empowering people in need to help or organize help for themselves.


Empowering people in need to help or organize help for themselves.

Medical care

Medical care projects to improve children’s health.

Projects in Africa. One Day e.V. has initiated a wide range of projects in Sierra Leone and Kenya.

Project Hope

HOPE provides support for girls who have been victims of violence – often sexual violence. ONE DAY e. V. and a local partner association help mother and child find a way back into life. Work that provides hope in the darkest of moments and creates a lasting impact and change.

Project Kalia

Only when a child’s environment is “intact” can they do well. That’s why we support foster parents with microloans or start-up aid for community projects in crop and livestock farming. The goal is to create independence, so that we, as a support organization, can once again withdraw and not create dependencies.

Fixed charity donation with each EDELBOX

For each EDELBOX sold, a clearly defined donation of 3 x €0.50 = €1.50 goes to three charitable organizations: Oneday e.V., Mantahari Ocean Care, and Zeltschule e.V.