School is in!

In the Lebanese-Syrian border area, hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugee children live in poverty in makeshift tent cities, with no access to education. Our non-profit association Zeltschule e.V. helps these children and their families create a safe, self-determined perspective for their future together.

Charity Zeltschule e.V.

What Zeltschule e.V. takes a stand for

Education for children

We build schools in refugee camps in Lebanon and Syria.

Preventing child labor

We provide for everyone in the family, so that the children can go to school.

Combatting the causes of refugee flight

We provide for everyone in the family, so that the children can go to school.

Creating opportunities

Literacy courses for women who haven’t been able to attend school.

Projects in Lebanon and Syria Zeltschule e.V. builds schools in refugee camps.

Pragmatic assistance for survival

We provide quick, flexible, and unbureaucratic help where it’s needed most urgently. We put donations to use sensibly and transparently on site. Whether a doctor’s visit or supplying the chronically ill with vital medication or medical aids, such as wheelchairs, crutches, or prosthetic limbs – we respond to families’ individual needs and give help where and exactly how it’s needed – without long decision-making processes.

Education for children

We build schools and, with the help of Syrian teachers who are also refugees living in the camps, teach the children there. Classes are held in shifts, so that all children in a camp are taught in the often small rooms. Classes are held on five subjects: Arabic, mathematics, English, natural sciences, and music. Singing and dancing together especially helps the children in coping with their traumas.

Fixed charity donation with each EDELBOX

For each EDELBOX sold, a clearly defined donation of 3 x €0.50 = €1.50 goes to three charitable organizations: Oneday e.V., Mantahari Ocean Care, and Zeltschule e.V.